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Join our waitlist for our 30-day program, workbook & Tanya's exclusive seminar

Join our waitlist for our 30-day program, workbook & Tanya's exclusive seminar

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Join our waiting list for the chance to change your mindset and kickstart the new you...

"It'll be like I'm there with you every step of the way lovely! Let's do this together. We have the power within us to shape our reality, and truly create the life of our dreams. Anything is possible. " - Tanya x 

Do you feel stuck in a rut, as if there's a million things you want to do to improve your life but you can never seem to get a single one done?

Do you feel like you're not happy with your body and as if you never will be? 

Do you feel like you're not fulfilling your potential, forever feeling as if you will never achieve what you want to? 

Do you feel like you need someone to help take you to the next level?

Do you feel like all you're ever doing is just surviving and never thriving?

Did you know that by focusing your mindset, honing in on your inner self and releasing your limiting beliefs - this is when real change happens. This is when you can finally go from Surviving to Thriving, take control of your life and become the person you've always known you could be. 

We're talking about 30 days of completely rewiring your nervous system to attract overwhelming abundance in EVERY area of your life. This is the 'Surviving to Thriving' mini programme. 

Join our waitlist for the chance to be given chance to take part in the 30 day programme - it's limited subscription, and the first ever group programme that Tanya has created. This event will never happen again! Register your interest now and you'll receive more information about how you can potentially book on. 

Once you start this fire within, you will be able to shed off your former identity. A mindset like this is the ultimate tool to change EVERY aspect of your life. Tanya wants to give to you the tools and the shift in your mind.  

Imagine a world where your limiting beliefs are removed, and where you understand that your mindset can shape everything around you - from your self-confidence to your physical possessions. 

Imagine trading all self-limitation for absolute abundance in every area of your life. Think of how your life could look if anything was possible...

You start the business you've always dreamed of starting, and your finances finally start to look how you've want them to from you being your own boss. 

Your relationship with your body and food is transformed where you no longer feel trapped and hopeless, but ready to be the healthiest version of yourself for yourself.

You create a vibrant vitality, waking up and seeing that each morning is a gift, thankful for your healthy body and every blessing you have in life.

Your confidence and self-worth is unshakeable. No-one can tell you who you are except for you, and you have full faith in your skills, abilities and your future.

The Surviving to Thrive mini-programme includes...

- An exclusive group Zoom seminar with Tanya, with a Q+A included. 
- Our ultimate tool that we here at Transform With Tanya use in our programme's - our Surviving to Thriving workbook, written by Tanya filled with the tools that she used to turn her life around, smash her goals, and create her dream life through the power of self-reflection and manifestation.
Not only will you receive the above, the mini-programme also includes a series of emails with videos, hints and tips and loads of other valuable content to support you in your journey from surviving to thriving. This mini-programme will help you to use the book to its full potential to help you transform your life in just 30 days.

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