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Coming soon. Surviving to Thriving - Life Boost Gift Bundle

Coming soon. Surviving to Thriving - Life Boost Gift Bundle

Would you like to get started on a transformation but aren’t sure where to begin? Our ‘Surviving to Thriving’ Life Boost Gift Bundle is the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one, designed to support personal growth and aid in weight loss.

Whether you feel in a rut, are overwhelmed by information and want a starting point, or if you just want a life pick me up, this package is perfect for getting started on changing your mindset to change your life.

The bundle includes

- ‘Surviving to Thriving’ workbook - Tanya’s main life coaching tool that helps you identify everything holding you back and guides you in manifesting a new beginning. Gain exclusive access to a training library to assist you in getting started over the 30-day period.

- The brand-new Skinny Tox range - including a Colon Cleanse, Shred, and Glow products (which aid in weight loss and promote a radiant complexion). Also, enjoy the Focus drink, designed to help you stay focused without the use of caffeine.

- For weight loss support, we provide an eating plan, a tape measure, a portion control plate, and a waist trainer.

- An exercise plan that doesn’t require a gym, created for the mind and the body.

Get started on your transformation journey with our Life Boost comprehensive bundle

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In just 30 days

In just 30 days, “Surviving to Thriving” with Tanya Bardsley and her expert team can help you to change your life. This booster programme is about changing your mindset to start changing your life. Read more about the transformational results we have achieved.

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Surviving to Thriving- Life Boost Gift Bundle


What is the Life Boost Gift Bundle?

The Life Boost Gift Bundle was created by Tanya and the team as a package to revitalise your life, body and soul. It's a less intensive overhaul than our Dedicated To You package, but still has great results for helping our clients feel happier, healthier and like the best versions of themselves.

Will I really lose weight?

Yes, if you follow the steps Tanya has laid out for you, we can guarantee a weight loss ranging from 5 pounds to a stone.

What do I get for my money?

  • Your exclusive 'Surviving to Thriving' workbook.
  • SkinnyTox range, including Colon Cleanse, Shred, and Glow products that aid in weight loss.
  • For weight loss support, we provide an eating plan, a tape measure, a portion control plate, and a waist trainer.
  • A specially-formulated exercise plan.

What changes will I see?

You will experience an improvement in your physical and mental well-being, with weight loss and tools to help you set and achieve goals for your new life.

Why do I have to give up alcohol during the 30 days?

To maximise your focus during the 30-day program, we recommend abstaining from alcohol. Our limited time together requires heightened concentration, and alcohol can negatively impact both your mental well-being and daily decision-making. Staying alcohol-free will contribute to a more effective and successful journey.

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