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Joy's Transformation Results

Joy's Transformation Results

Joy embarked on a 30-day transformation, initially grappling with low mood and anxiety. Her relationship with food needed improvement, and she found herself drinking a few times a week both at home and socially.

Over the course of the 30 days, Joy has experienced significant benefits from abstaining from alcohol. She has come to realize that she prefers feeling good in her body. Now, when she wakes up, she feels programmed to work out. Joy is committed to continuing her journey of sobriety and weight loss.

As she moves into 2023, Joy is thriving.

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Led by the renowned life coach and reality TV star, Tanya Bardsley

This 30-day program is designed to help you overcome obstacles, unlock your inner power, and propel you towards a life of fulfilment
and abundance. What sets “Surviving to Thriving” apart is Tanya’s deep understanding of what it takes to rise above life’s challenges. Having faced her own struggles and emerging stronger, she is eager to share her empowering techniques with you.

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